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Ever received 2 copies of the same mailing?

No matter how brilliant the offering or the marketing concept, getting duplicate mailings makes us doubt a company's efficiency and reliability.

Removing duplicate contacts reduces the cost of producing and sending mailings. But losing the respect of your most important customers and prospects costs much, much more.

Take control of your data quality with Match2Lists – it's easy and cost effective. Remove duplicates before every mailshot; your reputation depends on it. Simply upload your mailing lists, delete the duplicates in minutes, then download your clean, enriched data.

Video Tutorial: Creating a Deduplication Project

Video: Creating a De-Dupe a List Project

Viewing time: 1 minute 52 seconds

Not all deduping software is the same

This is a typical example of duplicate records in a data list. The contacts aren't exact duplicates, but they're pretty obvious. You can see that finding likely duplicates isn't difficult.

List of marketing data showing duplicate entries for same contact

Fig 1. Duplicate entries for the same contact clearly visible.

However, many deduplication tools merely output a list of potentially duplicate content, leaving you to deal with complex decisions about which content to delete and which to keep.

Match2Lists provides two output files on completion of your project:

  • A clean, de-duplicated and enriched master file that's ready to use
  • A master grouping file of all your deduped records for database linkage modification

Below is an example of an output file created from the data in Figure 1. Match2Lists examined the duplicates and intelligently selected the most detailed content to populate the master record as completely as possible.

Clean, enriched, deduped marketing list

Fig 2. The final deduped and consolidated contact data.

Match2Lists provides this capability for all columns in your lists, even those that weren't used to detect duplicate content. You can also control the master record compilation logic.

The new master file you download from Match2Lists is ready for use with no further data processing required.

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