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2010 Innovative Solution Award Winners, Information Management Magazine

2010 BeyeNETWORK Vision Award for Business Impact, BeyeNETWORK

Segmetrix's Match2Lists uses Kognitio WX2 to help marketers strike gold, Kognitio

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If you'd like to contact Match2Lists about a story please email Derren Fielder, co-founder and CIO, at Logos and photos can be downloaded below.

Press Releases

30 November 2010
Match2Lists wins Information Management Magazine's Innovative Solution Award 2010

15 November 2010
Match2Lists wins BeyeNETWORK Vision Award for Business Impact in Business Intelligence


Match2Lists is the world's first and Number 1 Software-as-a-Service for data matching, merging and removing duplicates from lists. With Match2Lists, users get real cloud computing power to rapidly match, merge and dedupe data, online and on demand.

Why is that important?

Every business that keeps data in digital lists – such as databases of customers, or spreadsheets of suppliers – needs to process those lists in 3 key ways:

  • Matching 2 lists identifies records that are on both lists. Matching lists from different sources, for example a marketing database and a financial report, provides added insights into the relationships between the lists. Learn more »
  • Merging lists combines all the entries from 2 lists into a single list, without doubling-up any entries that appear on both the originals. This allows data from different sources to be moved neatly into a single master file. Learn more »
  • Deduplicating a list means finding entries that are the same or very similar, then choosing which ones to delete and which to keep. This is vital to avoid sending double payments or duplicate copies of communications. Learn more »

Instant matching, just add data

Match2Lists makes it possible to complete these tasks in minutes, instead of the weeks or months that older solutions could require to set up, run and validate the results of one project.

Using a cloud computing business model, the Match2Lists tool is available online for anyone to use without having to download any software or hire IT specialists. This makes it affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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