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M2L BeyeNETWORK Vision Award 2010


Bracknell, UK; 15 November, 2010.

Award-winning data matching in the cloud, the market-leading SaaS data matching, integration and cleansing solution, today announced that its creators have won the prestigious BeyeNETWORK 2010 "Vision Award for Business Impact".

Business Intelligence winner

The 2010 Vision Award winners in the Business Intelligence category, Segmetrix and Kognitio, worked together to combine Segmetrix's proprietary system with Kognitio's WX2 in-memory analytic database, allowing a vast amount of data to be processed at groundbreaking speed.

Speed impresses judges

Match2Lists lets marketers and data analysts complete a key element of their job in a fraction of the time and at lower costs:

  • Matching up identical or similar records across multiple lists
  • Merging data from multiple sources into a single master list
  • Removing duplicates intelligently, retaining the richest data

This swift processing time, work-anywhere online access and intuitive visual interface remove the 'pain' from data work, making Match2Lists stand out to the Vision Award judges as the breakthrough Business Intelligence product of 2010.

"We are proud to have been recognized for our vision in creating the world's first cloud-based solution for data quality, data matching and data de-duplication," said Amr Hassan, Segmetrix's Chief Executive Officer. "For a long time, we knew what we wanted to achieve, and were seeking the right tools that would help us implement our plans. Kognitio's WX2 proved to be a technology catalyst for Match2Lists, and enabled us to rapidly move forward. As a result, we are achieving amazing scalability as demand from companies around the world grows; that's something that would not have been possible before."

BeyeNETWORK Vision Award For Business Impact 2010 Winners - Match2Lists/Segmetrix

BeyeNETWORK Vision Award For Business Impact 2010 Winners - Match2Lists/Segmetrix

About Match2Lists and Segmetrix

Segmetrix is a management consultancy that innovates data-driven, analytically-based tools, strategies and action plans that deliver profitable growth for B2B companies. Segmetrix develops cutting-edge technology to rapidly manage the plethora of customer data available today, both internal and external, and transform it into information for strategic and competitive advantage. More information is available online at

Match2Lists is a newly created company spun out of Segmetrix. Match2Lists provides innovative data matching and cleansing solutions to companies of all sizes, allowing them to spend less time managing complex data and more time using it. More information is available online at

About Kognitio

Kognitio is an innovative, technology-rich company, providing leading-edge solutions to business problems that require the acquisition, rationalization and analysis of large or complex data. Kognitio's award-winning WX2, a two-time recipient of the BeyeNETWORK's "Vision Award," and's 2008 "Product of the Year," is the industry's fastest and most scalable analytical database on the market, giving firms the ability to turn their raw data into valuable business insight fast, and empowering its customers to realize comprehensive answers to critical business questions.

Globally headquartered in Bracknell, UK, with North American headquarters in Chicago and offices in New York, Kognitio delivers competitive advantage to its clients across a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services and utilities. More information is available online at


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