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Merging Data Lists

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Merge Lists to Improve Insight and Quality

Combining data from more than one internal system or third party source into a single list can provide powerful business intelligence. Match2Lists merges lists the smart way, enriching and refreshing your data while ensuring that you don't end up with any duplicates.

3 Easy Steps to Merging your Data

  1. Upload the raw text files you'd like to merge (we recommend that you use Match2Lists to deduplicate each of these files first before merging them).
  2. Use the Match Visualiser to view and approve the matching/duplicate content across both lists. Match2Lists creates the linkage tables for you.
  3. Easily determine the structure of your new, clean, merged output file containing the combined fields from your different datasets.
Merging 2 Lists - Creating the output fileMerging 2 Lists - Creating the output fileMerging 2 Lists - Creating the output file

Figure 1: Merging 2 Lists - Creating the output file

Then download your merged data, just the way you want it. Now you're ready to go! It really is that quick and easy to merge multiple datasets in the cloud using Match2Lists.

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