Match2Lists Quick Start Guide

Your Match2Lists control panel: 'My Lists' view

My Lists

The 'My Lists' view is displayed when you log in to Match2Lists, or when you click on the 'My Lists' tab.

  1. Click the 'Add A List' button and follow the on-screen instructions to upload a new list to Match2Lists.
  2. Click on a list name in this table to see more details about that list, download a copy, or remove the list.
  3. Click the 'Match 2 Lists' , 'Merge 2 Lists' or 'De-Dupe A List' button and follow the on-screen instructions to create and run a project.
  4. Click on the 'My Projects' tab to view your active projects and approve the results with the Match Visualiser.
  5. Click on the 'My Details' tab to view and edit your account details and preferences.

Your Match2Lists validation tool: the Match Visualiser

My Lists

The Match Visualiser is displayed when you click the magnifying glass icon next to a project in the 'My Projects' view.

  1. This column displays records from your Source List. These records are always shown in blue.
  2. The remaining columns display matching records from your Match List (or duplicate records for a Dedupe Project). Accepted matches are shown in green, rejected ones in red, and unset ones in blue.
  3. These horizontal bars represent your results by score. Click a bar to see the matches in that range.
  4. To move to another page in the score range, click the paging arrows or enter a page number in the Goto box and click 'Go'.
  5. Auto Accept match results in batches by sliding the green slider to the desired match score and clicking the green tick button, or you can auto reject results using the red slider and the red cross button.
  6. Manually accept a match result by clicking its individual 'Accept' button, or you can 'Reject' an unwanted match result.
  7. To adjust the weighting of individual criteria, move these sliders and then click the button below the sliders to view the results.
  8. To filter results by the quality of the match on individual criteria, select a radio button here and then click the button below the sliders to view the results.
  9. When you're ready to download your data, click the 'Download Results' button and follow the on-screen instructions.

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