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You don't have to do any preparation work on your data. Just upload your lists as raw text files and Match2Lists will pre-process them for you in next to no time.

To start matching your data, simply choose 2 lists to match. No need to map the fields from one list to another – Match2Lists is smart enough to do that for you too.

You don't need an IT specialist

You can use Match2Lists without any technical expertise or training. Match2Lists handles complex data transformation processes, so you don't have to. Abbreviations and acronyms in your lists are automatically standardised for optimum matching accuracy.

Video Tutorial: Matching Data with Match2Lists

Video: Creating a Match 2 List Project

Viewing time: 2 minutes 4 seconds.

Matching Data Faster

Before matching, your lists are loaded into RAM memory on our massively parallel server architecture which can process billions of match permutations in seconds.

That means you can change matching criteria and rematch on demand. This is real cloud computing, matching your data at speeds your desktop simply can't provide.

Matching Accuracy & Intelligence

Our Match Visualiser gives you a more powerful way to view and approve potential matches. See certainty levels at a glance. Change match criteria (weightings) to find and append more matches.

Filter your matches by specific data elements such as company name to batch approve more matches and reduce manual approvals. You see what's in the final output, removing the need for manual review.

Matching Output

Figure 1: Output file showing linkages between source data (blue) and matched data (green)

Collaborate on Projects and Trust in the Data

Share the match validation process online with selected colleagues and third parties to apply their specialist knowledge to your data, improving match rates and accuracy.

Trust is vital in Business Intelligence. Collaborating with your end data consumers in the validation process increases trust in the final data output and hence in your company.

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