Data Matching in the Cloud

Data Matching in the Cloud

No. 1 Cloud Computing Solution for Data Matching, Merging and Deduplication

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Match2Lists, the World's No.1 Cloud Data Matching Software

With our data matching, merging and deduping Software now available "in the cloud", you can improve your data quality quickly and easily online.

  • No software to install or upgrade
  • No dedicated hardware to buy or maintain
  • Easy to use – no specialist skills required
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clients for richer results

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing means using web based software (Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS) through your internet browser. If you've ever used online banking, web based email or other services that you access by logging in to a website, then you already have experience of cloud computing.

Why is it better for business?

When you use software in the cloud, you don't have to worry about the usual technical considerations. It just works.

No compatibility issues – you can use Match2Lists with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and others). No need to carry out software updates or backups – you automatically get the latest, greatest version of our software every time you log in to your Match2Lists account.

And you can work from anywhere – the office, your home, or any other location with an internet connection.

Match2Lists: Power and Simplicity

Match2Lists is different to the other online tools available today. Its massive parallel processing power lets you process billions of potential matches in seconds, at speeds your desktop PC simply can't achieve.

Using our intuitively simple Match Visualiser to review and approve matches manually or automatically, you can instantly rematch your data using different criteria to improve match rates and clean up as many duplicates as possible.

Anyone can use Match2Lists – you don't need programming skill or data expertise. Just upload your raw text files and Match2Lists will manage all the complexities for you.

Integration with popular search engines and internet resources (Google, Wikipedia, Hoovers etc.) helps you research and validate suspect matches quickly.

Video: The Match Visualiser

Video 1. A short video explaining the many features of the Match Visualiser (4 min 34 sec).

Collaborate and Share

Match2Lists lets you collaborate with third parties or colleagues, applying their understanding of nuances such as acronyms or location-specific information to boost your validation accuracy and speed. Work faster by sharing your lists across multiple projects without having to reload them every time.

How secure is the data?

Match2Lists keeps your data safe in the cloud, protecting it from the security issues of traditional installed software.

Using an offline software application leaves your data vulnerable. Employees save data locally on notebooks, memory keys or portable hard drives. Notebook hard drives are notorious for crashing, and they are rarely backed up. Local or portable memory systems can also be lost or stolen; the data they carry is not usually encrypted, and their security patches may not be up-to-date. The risk of data loss or theft is therefore high.

With Match2Lists your data is stored on secure enterprise class servers in our high security data centre, to which only authorised personnel are permitted access. Your data is backed up regularly, and encrypted to prevent interference during data transfer. And best of all, this extra level of security doesn't cost you a thing – it's free for every Match2Lists user.

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