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"Existing data matching solutions were too expensive, too complex and too slow.

We wanted something much simpler, faster, more cost effective... so we built it."

Derren Fielder, Co-Founder Match2Lists.com

Who We Are

Match2Lists is an award winning SaaS company with a history of providing Business Intelligence solutions for large blue chip B2B companies via our parent company Segmetrix.

What We Do

Match2Lists lets you match, merge and deduplicate your data lists online and on demand. We make data matching and validation faster, easier and more cost effective than ever before. For the latest news on what we're doing right now, check out our Press/Media page.

Why We Do It

Existing data matching software was a pain. It took forever. Even with IT specialists and careful data preparation, long lists of suspect matches had to be checked manually. Data matching may be complex, but the tools to do it don't have to be. We decided to create a better solution.

Who It's For

Anyone who needs to compare, integrate or deduplicate lists of data. Match2Lists' cloud computing business model makes it advantageous, affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes. Contact us or view our customers, testimonials and case studies to find out more.

Want more information?

UK: +44 203 750 3350

Email sales@match2lists.com

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